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My Story: How I Started At The Bottom & Ended Up As The #1 SEO Consultant In London...
I started learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) back in 2014 when I realized that I wanted to break free from the daily routine of a 9 to 5 job. Entering the digital economy and living the ultimate laptop lifestyle was something I had always dreamt of. I happened to come across a Forbes article about industries that would boom in the future, and SEO was mentioned as one of the top skills that would be in high demand. I put a lot of time and effort into learning everything I possibly could about SEO services so that I could offer it to local business owners in the U.K. There were huge ups and downs during the last 3 years, but it was definitely worth it, and before I knew it the rankings for both my blog and “Freelance SEO Consultant London” skyrocketed! I now live my dream at Canary Wharf, London. The place I dreamt of living in when I first set eyes on it in 2014. 
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2018 SEO Strategy
"We Rise By Helping Others..."
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How It All Started: The Life In Worcester
The photo to your right is from the time when I was living in a shared house in Worcester. I had invited Chudy to visit my place so that I could set up his WordPress website for his photography business. I basically did it for free and even hosted his website on a shared web hosting package I had bought to host my first blog -
That was the beginning, I was hungry to start my digital journey and knew I had to start somewhere, and offer value before asking money. I gained the necessary skills by providing services as the one mentioned above, and this gave me the footing to rise to the top in Google ranks. I spent countless days and nights figuring out how to build the WordPress website and apply SEO knowledge.
ClickDo: The Beginning Of The Game
The name ClickDo was born when I was pondering on what it was that I was doing when working online. I needed to come up with a good name to build a brand and it dawned on me that when we work online we simply click on a button to perform a task, so in essence Click and Do, which then became ClickDo. I remembered how long it had taken me to register my first domain name, because I didn’t have or make enough money for mistakes. I was determined to get out of the rut and so I registered the name and started accelerating my learning. I began to think and act like a consultant. 
Moved To London By End Of 2013 And The Hustler Was Born

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